John Danaher – Self Mastery Solo BJJ Drills Mindmap v2

Last Updated on 2020-07-02 by EtherealWinter

  • v2 – Fixed spelling mistake
  • v1 – Initial mindmap

Everything changed when the… Corona Virus (COVID-19) attacked!

It is important that us, as practitioners of a martial art that is almost the worse case scenario for transmission (anybody ever had someone else’s sweat drip into their eyes? no? just me?) and responsible members of society do not panic *cough* hoard toilet paper *cough* but also treat this pandemic responsibly. There are justified precautions that we should take, one of them being staying away from the gym to reduce the spread of the disease to flatten the curve so that your country’s medical system can more easily handle cases that do occur. I’m not going to go into the nuances here but let me link you to Stephan Kesting’s article for a BJJ Black Belt and first responder with a Masters of Biology take on the situation here.

In these trying times John Danaher has released a short free instructional on solo drills that you can do whilst you are practising social distancing and are at home. I’ve tried to mindmap the key points skills and body movements that he recommends to keep the body ready for return to the mats when the pandemic passes. I found that they were basically the warm ups that my coach does every class, good to know I’m getting world class warm ups 🙂

You can find an free printable A4 version of this mindmap here.

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