Lachlan Giles – Inside Heelhook Entries Seminar Flowchart v1

Last Updated on 2020-02-15 by EtherealWinter

I had the honour of attending a Lachlan Giles leglocks seminar last Sunday (2020-02-02). I have flowcharted the sequences that Lachlan took us through as notes to myself but have decided to share them with the public in hopes that others may find value in this information.

About the seminar, Lachlan was an excellent instructor. At least the way he set up this seminar, he began with the finish first, the inside heelhook. We learnt two different finishing mechanics, the ‘side kneebar’ bridge and the twist. I hadn’t even realised there was any other finish than twist but the ‘side kneebar’ bridge felt really powerful. After learning key points for the submission and we worked backwards through the different entries from Open Guard, Closed Guard, North-South guard retention and different configurations of 50-50 Guard.

After most of the major demonstrations he got a beginner volunteer from the audience to repeat the movements and used them as a sounding board for potential mistakes or oversights we learners might have had. This was an excellent approach and I would love to see more instructors doing this.

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