BJJ Systems’ Lapel Guard System Flowchart

Last Updated on 2020-05-06 by EtherealWinter

I’ve been having fun playing with the worm system from Keenan’s Lapel Encyclopedia. I’ve made a simplified flowchart of the main techniques I have been able to hit in sparring and have been drilling. The flowchart demonstrates how they integrate together and what submissions/control positions they lead to.

Recently I’ve also added to the site’s offering, printable A4 pdfs that can be laminated and used on the mats easily. They can be found here for a small donation to help support the site’s running costs. Below is the flowchart below as a A4 pdf that you can try printing to see how they look.

I’m thinking of converting the Danaher flowcharts to be A4 printable but they will take considerable time, effort and would have to span multiple pages. Let me know if you are interested.

You can find detailed flowcharts of each of the guard chapters from the instructional below.

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One thought on “BJJ Systems’ Lapel Guard System Flowchart

  1. I never thought flow charts could explain anything in BJJ so well. Im gonna take printouts of all the flowcharts you shared. Thanks alot!

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