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Gubber guard is another option (apart from the Polish Worm Rider) for you to use if the opponent is overly defensive because they know you’re a lapel player. To prevent the worm guard, opponents can try to pass kneeling on both knees which makes it easier for you to obtain closed guard and then transition to the more advantageous gubber guard.

Gi + Rubber Guard = Gubber Guard

Keenan Cornelius

Gubber guard is a version of rubber guard where it is reinforced with the lapel over the rubber guard leg. There aren’t many sweeps from the guard because of its tight nature but there plenty of submissions from there.

I’ve played with it a little and recommend only trying for gubber guard if you’ve already taken their lapel out. If you get to closed guard before extracting the lapel, taking it out while you are keeping their posture broken is difficult. I would recommend attacking with closed guard normally.

Else if you do have the free lapel you can keep their posture broken with impunity, and the wormoplata and triangle are excellent options that I have actually executed in live sparring.

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