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I’m a big believer of having goals during sparring and focusing certain techniques and concepts. I’ve been working on Worm Guard and Inside Heelhooks… yes I’m becoming a “dirty modern sports Jiu-Jitsu player”. Haha, all I need to do is learn the berimbolo someday.

I just finished watching the Ringworm Guard chapter of Keenis’ Lapel Encyclopedia and is it the perfect follow up chapter to the Worm Guard (linked is the worm guard flowchart). I was finding after a while that all my usual sparring partners were just sitting down and denying/making it difficult for me to either sweep from Worm Guard or making it difficult for me to pass the lapel to even get to the position.

The unfortunately named/meta named Ringworm Guard is the Worm Guard but you are gripping your lapel with the opposite hand and facing in the same direction as your opponent. It is a good position for attacking a kneeling opponent who is denying you an offensive from Worm Guard when you have the lapel. In addition to the basic Ringworm Guard, Keenan also introduces how to defend the double under pass from open guard and the powerful Lapel Lasso and Polish Worm Rider positions that can found before you reach Ringworm guard.

Hope you you find this useful!

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Lapel Encyclopedia Flowcharts:

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