John Danaher – Enter the System – Front Headlocks Flowchart v1

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This flowchart is the biggest one yet!!!

Whilst Danaher has been called quite long-winded, wordy, and verbose. In this particular instructional this is quite exemplified. Whether it was the editor or the Danaher’s decision, this instructional has repeated sections that are almost exactly the same, especially in the Guillotine, Front Kata Gatame (Anaconda) and the Reverse Kata Gatame (D’Arce) sections of the instructional.

Nevertheless, there is a font of knowledge in this instructional set, information I have never been explicitly conveyed. So if you’re not a front headlock master already I would recommend this instructional for someone unfamiliar or only slightly familiar with the front headlock position and the associated submissions. There are plenty of good concepts to keep in mind even if you don’t utilise every pathway that is shown. John says the high wrist series leads to his students being very capable in what every type of guillotine they end up specialising in.

I’ve been a bit more descriptive/prescriptive with how I’ve gone about the flowcharting. That probably due to my own lack of knowledge the front headlock and associated submission but also due the system that Danaher has conveyed. There’s a lot less variety with positions and techniques, but a lot more subtle differences between similar positions and techniques.

I would also like to recognise and thank Placido for his sacrifice in this instructional and taking one for the team. He must of been choked over 100+ times in the making of this instructional and we all know that Guillotine-style chokes aren’t always blood chokes. Hope he got treated to all the ice cream he wanted after the filming.

This will probably be my last one for a while (expect maybe more lapel encyclopedia stuff). They take quite a lot of time to do, and I don’t get remunerated for them. I actually need to work through and drill all this information I have charted out. We truly are in the information age, there’s so much content out there and not enough training time.

A physical poster of the flowchart can be purchased from Zazzle through this link: here. All purchases through Zazzle provides the website with a small donation to help with hosting costs. Of course you’re also welcome to download and print the flowcharts through any other means as well.

This flowchart has also been compacted down to easily printable A4 pages. Perfect for lamination and use at the gym. It has taken extra time to compact them and it would be most appreciated if you donated to help maintain the site to obtain them. Donate for an easily printable A4-sized pdf here: Printable Flowchart.

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