John Danaher – Go Further Faster – Half Guard – Flowchart v1

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Danaher’s Half Guard instructional is aimed at beginners to half guard, with it starting with how to escape bad half guard positions, such as smashed half guard, reverse crossface, reverse underhook, and how to transition into more advantageous positions. More experienced practitioners will also find it a good watch because it is truly a “fundamental” look. Danaher really digs into the fine details as he always does. Centre to the system is what Danaher calls the “Tight Waist Series”, which is probably more commonly called the Dogfight series, which present the opponent with a trilemma. The trilemma consists of three linked attacks from the position where if the opponent defends one attack, it makes them more susceptible to another; getting swept from the knee tap, getting their back taken or getting swept with a roll through deep half sweep.

Notes that I have taken on the instructional may be found: here

Danaher often use names for techniques that may not be widely used. What was used in this instructional are:

Tight Waist SeriesDogfight Series
Reverse CrossfaceUshiro Kesa Gatame
Reverse UnderhookUshiro Kuzure Kesa Gatame
Scoop Half ButterflyDeep Half Guard

A physical poster of the flowchart can be purchased from Zazzle through this link: here. All purchases through Zazzle provides the website with a small donation to help with hosting costs. Of course you’re also welcome to download and print the flowcharts through any other means as well.

This flowchart has also been compacted down to a single easily printable A4 page. Perfect for lamination and use at the gym. It has taken extra time to compact them and it would be most appreciated if you donated to help maintain the site to obtain them. Donate for an easily printable A4-sized pdf here: Printable Flowchart.

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2 thoughts on “John Danaher – Go Further Faster – Half Guard – Flowchart v1

  1. Awesome job, you saved me a lot of time 😉
    scorpion whip up out of “smashed halfguard” and to the tight waist series seems to be missing though. If you want to improve it… 😉

    Thanks again, notes are pretty cool too.

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